Things to do Guernsey


Things To Do Guernsey is the brainchild of local concert and event promoter Karen Solway. 

TTDGSY was founded in 2008 when Karen returned to Guernsey after living in the United States for 5 years.

Determined to get back into island life Karen decided what Guernsey really needed was a fun new way of meeting people. TTDGSY now organises original socialising and networking events designed to enrich your social and cultural calendar while enabling you to meet other professionals in a friendly environment.

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TTDGSY also has an ever growing list of concert and show promoting credits to it’s name including Katherine Jenkins, the National Symphony Orchestra and the hit one man show "Defending the Caveman" and the simply amazing Jools Holland with his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.


So whether it’s concert promotion, corporate entertainment or networking events TTDGSY has a simple equation....


Fun + Friends = Lasting Memories